About event

General Overview

The changing modalities for delivery of development aid for green sectors of the economy, sustainable policy and budget-support funding are progressively raising the levels of required professional and managerial competencies needed within different organizations for successful operation under new programs and projects shames designed to support and facilitate the transition to green economy.
The training "Go for Green Projects" is a key instrument in a Results Based Project Approach and the competencies therein are increasingly becoming indispensable for all green projects development professionals.

The European Commission has proposed a new Environment Action Program for the EU. Entitled "Living well, within the limits of our planet" , it will guide environment policy up to 2020. The proposal aims to enhance Europe's ecological resilience and transform the EU into an inclusive and sustainable green economy. Protecting natural capital, encouraging more resource efficiency and accelerating the transition to the low-carbon economy are key features of the programme, which also seeks to tackle environmental causes of disease. The results should help stimulate sustainable growth and create new jobs to set the Union on a path to becoming a better and healthier place to live.

Program objectives

The course aims to upgrade the competencies of participants in project identification, stakeholder analysis, project design and the development of monitoring and evaluation systems, as well to contribute for better understanding of the specific objectives regarding the sustainability topics and the opportunities and instruments that the Commission will provide in the next funding period (2014-2020) for development of green projects. 
At the end of this program, participants will be able to answer to the following questions:

  • What is sustainability and sustainable development in the project context?
  • What are the factors and drivers of the green economy?
  • What are instruments for sustainability and how can we use them in the project development and management?
  • What are the principals of the projects cycle with focus on green development?
  • How can I successfully identify and develop green oriented projects?

Training content

The course's content is structured around the following main themes:

  1. Sustainable development – Tendencies, Factors, Challenges
  2. Triple Bottom Line Concept 
  3. Sustainability and Economic growth – two opposites in one context
  4. Projects cycle principals
  5. Project Analysis - stakeholder mapping; the problem tree and the objectives' tree
  6. Project Management Ecosystem - Influence of internal and external environment 
  7. Project Management Phases - Initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, adapting and closure

This course result

The 1-day session is design to deliver the followings:

  • To offer learning satisfaction to participants;
  • To ensure the proper informational transfer and to achieve learning;
  • To facilitate the application of the new learned concepts;
  • To generate the premises for a positive impact in the professional performance of the team