Green Management for comprehensive Green Transformation ! 
Through this service, Green Academy plans and aids the implementation of customized Green Change Practices which reduce costs, increase revenue, improve stakeholder support, improve operational efficiency, and provide sustainable advantages over competitors.

Green Management courses will help you to:

  • make the difference in the design stages using “green thinking”;
  • direct your outcomes towards energy efficiency, emissions (carbon) reduction, water efficiency, and waste minimization;
  • maximize cost savings, organizational development, and business development strategies for your specific organizational structure;
  • understand how to make the difference by having a sustainable supply chain

You should attend at Green Management course if you are:

  • specialist or consultant and you want to enlarge your perspective about how you can use the clean technologies and innovation inside your organization;
  • a project or program manager who wishes to improve own skill set with sustainable methodologies;
  • responsible for implementing a sustainable approach to project management in your organization
  • looking to gain knowledge of how “going green” can enhance your project and program delivery



The transition to a green(er) economy requires new skills. Skills needed for the newly emerging jobs and skills needed for the adjusted existing jobs.

Green jobs are positions in any economic sector (e.g. agriculture, industry, services administration) and contribute to preserving, restoring and enhancing economic quality. Green jobs reduce the environmental impact of enterprises and economic sectors by:

  • cutting the consumption on energy, raw materials and water,
  • de-carbonizing the economy bringing down emissions of greenhouse gases,
  • minimizing or avoiding all forms of waste and pollution 
  • protecting or restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.

Environmental awareness needs to be part of education and training at all levels.

For that reason Green Academy will teach future technicians to care for the environment during their work processes and in the same time the will raise awareness among the employers and society about the green jobs opportunities.



Green Academy raises awareness on environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation activities among children and youngsters through age-appropriate interactive educational activities. Green Future provides value-adding tools and concepts that complement existing practices and promote collaboration among children, schools and other forms of vocational training and education.
Acceptance of environmentally-friendly practices is still low facing high resistance by local communities. This points to the urgent need for environmental education, especially targeting the next generation.

Green Academy develops its activities in three main directions:

  • Workshops, trainings and events with specific focus that will encourage experimentation and critical thinking among youngsters on environmental sustainability and environmentally-friendly behavior
  • Creation of “Green clubs” that will attract parents, children, students, teachers and state institution representatives and will stimulate collaboration between them 
  • Green education hub that will provoke interest of children and youngsters on environmental related graduate subjects and programs.